Pet transport

Price list

Cat/piece Dog/piece
with owner 50€ 100€
withoutowner 100€ 150€
Crate or cage will provide 20€/pet.
Transport conditions:
- Valid passport, including all necessary vaccinations according to current European legislation on animal transport no. 92/65
- Food for 2-3 days
- Collars and leads
- Muzzle (applies only to dogs)  
General conditions of pets transport

As of 1st of October 2004, international vaccination identity card of dogs and cats was replaced with „Pet Passport (PP)“ in Slovakia. It is the only valid travel document in territory of European Union, and owners are required to identify their dog, cat or ferret with this document in case they are traveling outside the state of pets birth. State veterinary and food department authorized with passport issuing those veterinarians, who have technical equipment allowing them to scan electronic identification system (microchip) and at the same time have access to internet. Veterinarian will issue a pet passport if he can read a tattoo, or if the pet is microchipped. If the pet is not marked with any of the two aforementioned manners, veterinarian must mark the pet with electronic identification system according to European norm ISO 11 784 before he will issue a pet passport. As of 26th of May 2011 only pets with microchip are considered identified. In case the pet is marked with microchip not in accordance with norm ISO 11 784, owner is required to provide with scanning device which allows to scan data from applied microchip. Further information about pet passport is available on Slovak state veterinary department website - , ,

Pet passport is an official document. Owner of pet, or person who is responsible for pet and who was entrusted with care for pet by owner, proves with this document mainly:

1. Identity of pet, to which the passport was issued
2. Validity of vaccination or revaccination against rabbies and other illnesses
3. Treatment against outer and inner parasites
Pet passport serves as evidence of all changes regarding aforementioned purposes, for which the pet passports are issued. Great Britain, Ireland and Scotland are exception – a valid confirmation of vaccination against rabbies issued by laboratory authorized by EU must be provided alongside with pet passport. In Slovakia authorized laboratory is State veterinary institute in Zvolen.
When traveling to other countries you must provide, together with valid passport and confirmation of vaccination, a result from laboratory test for antibodies against rabbies before your return.