About the company

Our company deals with customer service in the field of transportation. The company has its seat in Komárno, posts of all vehicles are located in the downtown near the Klapka square. Our services are currently used by a number of corporate customers, institutions and also private clients.

The company provides international transport of passangers and courier services. We are able to move people and luggage at any time and anywhere in Europe.

Driving safety and customer comfort are always very important to us. Drivers are ready to cope with everyday problems arising from daily urban traffic. With active approach and elaborated driving technique they try to avoid any unpleasant factors arising from a routine traffic. These are drivers with a nice demeanor and professional approach. Our vehicles are always ready for transportation in a given season, regardless of weather conditions. Quality drivers, preparation of vehicle in a given season are factors that significantly affect the safety, and also driving comfort.

Our effort and efforts of our drivers is to get your trust. The term trust we understand the serious approach to the client, safe driving the vehicle a pleasant driving experience and left a good impression in the memories of the client.

Our teams reliably perform the tasks imposed on them throughout the day and not discriminate among customers. The customers are treated with respect. Meeting of the order deadline, correct and accurate communication with clients are fundamental to building a relationship with our customers.

Our drivers perfectly communicate Slovakian, Hungarian and English.